Series Proposal:

Each episode of GENERATIONME features interviews with six personalities, experts from aspects of a particular field (e.g. fashion), who helped shape and define their ("baby boom”) generation. Discussion stems from an event-driven question related to that field (e.g. during our lifetime underwear became outerwear. How did this happen?!). Sharon Barr, host of GENERATIONME has a keen ability to evince disarming personal responses, leading to candid talk about global and personal changes over a lifetime. Subjects of race, sex, politics, music, art and media, drugs vs. medication, business and technology, philanthropy and legacy from the perspective of those who have lived through the profound change of our age makes GENERATIONME surprising, lively and relatable for all generations. Interviews explore defining moments, obstacles, accomplishments and evolving beliefs surrounding work, creativity, adaptability, concerns of health and aging and the importance of what we leave behind for others.
“BoomerAngst” is the pilot and template for the series, GENERATIONME.

Description of Episode Structure:

Host Sharon Barr opens each episode with a question, as in the pilot, wherein she asks “How do you live when you know you are going to die?” followed by brief comment from each of the 6 interviewees related to the question and cut from the in-depth interviews to come, serving as intro and teaser.

Title sequence conveys the idea of the era, of then vs. now by use of imagistic B-roll offering context and illustrating the “boomer” era.

90 minute interviews with each guest edited for broadcast with back-and-forth cutting create a kind of ‘round table’ discussion, giving the show a snappy conversational feel that makes up the majority of each 30 minute episode.

Comment from Barr with a positive takeaway completes the broadcast.

Full treatment available on request.


BOOMERANGST is a 30 minute pilot for a documentary series in which host Sharon Barr, interviews six prominent members of her generation. With humor and insight she uses the historical context of the Post-War Boom to unravel the mysteries of existence and the transitory nature of life while investigating the evolution of both social and personal change that has since shaped American Culture.

See and hear:

  • Buck Henry on the question of an “after-life”.
  • Mary Woronov’s thoughts on the Sexual Revolution.
  • Taylor Negron’s memories of “boogie boarding” in front of Mary Tyler Moore’s house.
  • Charmaine Jefferson discussing the “white albatross”.
  • Reverend Scotty McLennan explaining the importance of Social Justice.
  • Lisa Wolpe on gender identification.

This pilot offers inspiration to anyone who, however fleetingly, contemplates their mortality and wonders how best to dispel their angst.


Sharon Barr—Writer/Producer/Director
An award winning actress and writer, Sharon Barr has been a Doctor of Chinese Medicine since 2003. She created GENERATIONME in order bring to light the relationship between changes in society and changes in perspective over the lifetime of the boomer generation. The impact of those changes has not only affected the health and well-being of individuals but on the culture at large. GENERATIONME continues her exploration of and fascination with the sublime and often absurd aspects of the human condition.

Suzanne Mejean—Editor/Line Producer
Mejean is presently working as an editor, on both commercial and independent films. Most recently, her work as both filmmaker and editor have shown at LACMA, REDCAT, the Berlinale Film Festival and the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles. Mejean received two masters’ degrees from The California Institute of the Arts in Photography and Filmmaking, where she has also been an instructor.

Tony Abatemarco—Associate Producer
Abatemarco has directed in London’s West End and on Broadway, as well as for A&E TV. He produces INKubator at KTC’s Skylight Theater. He is a teacher at USC and an Endowed Chair at Santa Monica Emeritus.

Trevor Crist—Director of Photography
Trevor Crist was raised in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Since studying Cinematography at the College of Santa Fe, Crist has worked on features, music videos, tv/webseries and dozens of commercials including major campaigns for Nissan, Gucci and Procter and Gamble.

Albee Gordon—Sound
Gordon is an Emmy award winning feature, commercial and documentary sound mixer.


Buck Henry—Writer and Actor
Henry’s many writing credits include The Graduate for which he shared an Academy Award nomination, Candy, The Owl and the Pussycat, What's Up, Doc?, Catch-22, The Day of the Dolphin, Protocol, and To Die For. He has appeared in more than 40 films. His Broadway acting credits include the 2002 revival of Morning's at Seven and he has hosted Saturday Night Live 10 times.

Charmaine Jefferson—Exec. Dir. of California African American Museum,
Having been a professional dancer, VP of Business Affairs for de Passe Entertainment and an executive at Disney, Jefferson currently serves on the advisory board of the California Institute for the Arts, and the California Arts Council.

Reverand Scotty McLennan—Dean for Religious Life at Stanford University.
An ordained minister, lawyer, professor, published author and public speaker McLennan was honored by Morehouse College with the Gandhi, King, Ikeda Award in 2004. The award was "established to recognize leaders who promote peace and world reconciliation" McLennan is the real-life inspiration for "reverend Scott Sloane" in Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury comic strip.

Taylor Negron—Writer, Actor, Comedian, Painter
Negron has starred in his own HBO special and appeared on The Tonight Show. His plays have been performed off-Broadway and his paintings are currently on exhibition in Los Angeles.

Mary Woronov—Actress, Writer,Painter
First making headlines as a ‘Warhol Superstar’, award-winning actress Woronov has gone on to appear in over 80 films. She is also a published writer and a prolific painter.

Lisa Wolpe—Founder of Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company
She is an actress, director, teacher and producer as well as the Artistic Director of the LAWSC; an award-winning, all-female, multi-cultural theater company founded in 1993.



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